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Situated in the heart of Lebanon’s fertile Beqaa valley, some 52 km to the east of Beirut, Zahle is the administrative seat of the Mohafaza of Beqaa. Also known as Arouss El-Beqaa (the bride of the Beqaa), Zahle is an active tourist, cultural, and commercial center; one noted for its healthy and good food.

Founded in the beginnings of the 1920s, Electricité de Zahlé (EDZ) is a private electric utility that operates under a concession agreement with the Lebanese government. In its early beginnings, EDZ was into the generation and distribution of electrical power, but following a decree issued in the late sixties by the Lebanese government and Electricité du Liban (EDL), EDZ turned into an electrical distribution utility that develops, operates and maintains the electric power networks in Zahle and 15 surrounding regions.
Company Profile
Electricité de Zahlé (EDZ) is a private utility company headquartered in Zahle, Beqaa – the administrative seat of the Beqaa region and the home of various tourist, cultural, and active commercial centers.
Facts about Electricité de Zahlé
Number of Municipalities: 16
Square Kilometers of Service Area: 236
Mission and Vision
Electricité De Zahlé operates and develops electricity distribution networks to anticipate and meet the needs of its customers by providing quality products and optimal services while utilizing new technology and maintaining value and continuity of the service as well as quick and considerate response.
Message from Board
On behalf of the Board of Directors and Management of Electricité de Zahlé I would like to welcome you to our web site. Whether you were a customer of Electricité de Zahlé or not, we hope you find the information equally helpful and attractive.
Electricité de Zahlé story began in 1907 when a group of Zahle local citizens requested authorization for power generation and distribution. From that group effort originated a new company that will continue to bring value to Zahle community for a century to come.
Board of Directors
Charles Assaad Nakad: Chairman
Elie Youssef Chamoun: Board Member
Khalil Antoun Zaatar: Board Member
Awards and Achievements
EDZ is committed to maintain the highest standards of value in all its activities. EDZ daily works on the introduction of quality systems in all company’s departments.