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Electricity makes an important part of our everyday lives. Understanding it better can help us stay safe, and help us save money on our electricity bills. Even small changes in your energy efficiency can make a big difference. It’s easy: know more; save more, safe more.

EDZ is committed to provide safe electric service to its customers and a safe working environment to its employees.knowledge can help you stay safe as well as educate you how to save energy and money.

Learn about electrical safety, energy savings, and more by exploring these pages.
Energy Saving
EDZ wants to partner with you to be a smart user of energy in your home or business. Learning and adopting new energy efficient behaviors saves you money.
Energy Safety
Fully capable of enhancing lives, electricity also has the power to claim lives if handled incorrectly or without the proper respect it deserves.
Appliances Wattage
Home Appliances, Electronic Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Heating & Air conditioning, Lighting.
Electricity & You