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Electricité de Zahlé story began in 1907 when a group of Zahle local citizens requested authorization for power generation and distribution. From that group effort originated a new company that will continue to bring value to Zahle community for a century to come.

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  • 1910
    First legislation was signed for the purpose of generating power for the operation of a railroad network that starts at Maalaka, passes by Zahle and ends at Wadi El Arayesh. This power is to be used as well to provide both Zahle and Maalaka with the electric power needed for local industry and heating.
  • 1914
    The launching of the project was suspended because of the outbreak of World War I.
  • 1923
    A new resolution was issued declaring a concession on using the natural water resources of the Birdawny River for power generation.
  • 1924
    The concession was bought by its first founders; the company known today as “Electricité de Zahlé” rises and work begins.
  • 1925
    Wadi El Arayesh hydroelectric plant begins to generate power for Zahle, Maalaka and surrounding regions.
  • 1927
    EDZ completes and occupies the company bureaus on Jisr Street, Zahle. And the installation of an electricity meter at Souk El Blat sets up the first subscription.
  • 1962
    Karak steam power plant begins operation with a generating capacity of 3 MVA and was increased up to 10 MVA as demand for electric power grew.
  • 1984
    EDZ initiates its technological development program in all company’s departments and dedicates itself to continue introducing more and more technologies for a better service.
  • 1999
    EDZ launches the implementation of an Automated Mapping / Facility Management / Geographic Information Systems (AM/FM/GIS) project that updated the utility processes from mere paper work to the GIS-IT environment.
  • 2000
    EDZ losses reduction plan starts. Technical and non-technical losses for both medium voltage and low voltage networks drops from about 25%, year 2000 figure, to less than 5%, today’s figure, which is the lowest in Lebanon and most probably in the surrounding countries.
  • 2003
    EDZ becomes the first Lebanese electricity utility to be awarded, for the entire corporate structure, the certification of Quality Management System (QMS) in compliance with the EN ISO 9001:2000 requirements.
The history of Electricité De Zahle during its eighty-plus years of existence has proven the vision and wisdom of its founders. With the dedication and professionalism of its employees through the years, EDZ has fulfilled its mission to provide quality and reliable energy to its customers. From its beginnings, Electricité De Zahle has always worked on introducing technical improvements to produce and deliver energy more efficiently while maintaining the quality and conforming to international standards.