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As EDZ tasked with ensuring the safe, reliable delivery of electricity to its customers across the region, we appreciate that this cannot be achieved without proper understanding and involvement of a range of wide issues and responsibilities.

The maintenance of a secure supply of electricity is not just vital to our customers in their homes, but it provides essential underpinning to the operation of their communities and the economy of the region. Our relationships with the communities in the areas we serve and their elected representatives are therefore important and we seek and encourage an open dialogue with them. As a significant purchaser of goods and services, we aim to act responsibly in making these purchases. And as a major employer, we aim to provide a safe, enjoyable working environment.

EDZ values its relationship with its customers and their communities. It recognizes the importance to communities of a secure power supply, but aims to enhance its relationship through a wider involvement in the activities of the communities it serves.
  • EDZ believes that a company reputation in one of its most valuable assets and Corporate Responsibility is one of the key components for companies to demonstrate their responsible business practice. CR is concerned with the way in which companies meet their wider obligations, both to the employees and to the wider community. A responsible organization recognizes that its activities have an impact on the society in which it operates. Therefore, and to demonstrate that it is a responsible organization, EDZ:
  • Recognizes that its activities have a wider impact on the society in which it operates.
  • In response, takes account of economic, social, environmental and human rights impact of its activities.
  • Seeks to achieve benefits by working in partnerships with other groups and organizations.
Our Work with the Community
Businesses are recognized as an integral part of the community, generating economic and social vibrancy in the locality.
Our Partnership with the CCF
In association with the CCF in Zahlé, Electricité de Zahlé came up with and adopted the idea of donating a higher education scholarship award to a student from Zahlé to pursue higher degrees in France.
Our Spiritual Dedication
In 2007, Electricité de Zahlé represented by its Director General, Assaad Nakad, launched a unique project which aim is to design and construct a Chapel dedicated to St. Rita known as the Patron of Impossible Cases, on a panoramic terrain adjacent to our Lady-Marie church in Zahlé.
Our Commitment to Sports
As part of the CR program and EDZ relationship with the community, our contribution in the sport industry is becoming increasingly significant with our support to sport organizations, sport events and individual athletes as well.
Our Support to Tourism
Zahlé the central city of Lebanon Beqaa district, also known as “Arouss El-Beqaa” (the bride of the Beqaa) is an active tourist, cultural and commercial center; noted for its healthy and good food.
To our heroic army