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Our Work with the Community

Businesses are recognized as an integral part of the community, generating economic and social vibrancy in the locality. A company can build on this goodwill by using its grassroots knowledge of the issues facing those living in the surrounding area to deliver an effective community focused CSR strategy.

As our work life and personal life blurs, companies have to provide a way for people to express their desire to give back, to be engaged in their communities and local charities. Otherwise they won't be able to attract the talent they need to be successful.

EDZ; and as a yearly practice at the period of Christmas and New Year; provides a spectacular illumination and the latest show laser lightings around our Lady-Marie statue of Zahlé. The event is annually launched with an opening ceremony in which people gather to celebrate the occasion.

In an effort to make Christmas season a little brighter, EDZ represented by its CEO, Assaad Nakad, looks for methods to reach out to deprived children as a way of putting something back into the community.