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Power production project

EDZ is presently in the process of power production supplying continuous energy 24/24.

The project that has been long waited for is built up to the latest technologies meeting international and the Lebanese regulations for gases and noise emissions, it allows the development and growth of the economy in a rural area, creates jobs and brings in investments, ensures 24/365 energy supply with guaranteed quality, makes people pay only one energy bill which is around 35% to 40% cheaper than what they were paying to the utility and private generators, provides income to the Lebanese treasury by paying VAT and taxes and other official charges, all water pumping stations are provided with 24/24 power supply so there should be no reason for water supply storage, street lighting is ON every night which reflects safer streets and environment…

This project aims towards de-centralization of the energy sector where each area or community has its own generation and distribution facilities reflecting better bill collection and reduction in energy losses, more-over it improves flexibility and availability in power supply and enhances the economy.