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The Bekaa is one of Lebanon's six counties; it has always been the center of communications and trade between Lebanon, Syria and the rest of the Arab and foreign countries.
One of the most important cities of the Bekaa is "Zahle" known as "The Bride of The Bekaa", "Home of Peace", and "Neighbor of the valley"…

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Zahle is the administrative and commercial capital of the Beqaa and the largest Christian Community in the East. It is the seat of government for the Beqaa, in it are established the public departments of the ministries.
All amenities are available there, from medical to educational centers and organizations such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories, private and public schools, universities and also banks…

Zahle styles itself "The city of Wine and poetry", and with good reason, many poets, thinkers and writers who have contributed to Lebanon's cultural and political scene, were born here and almost as many excellent wines and araks have been produced in the area. Many of the wines have been formally recognized abroad for their fine quality - equal to some of the best in Europe.
At the city's southern entrance the statue of a graceful female personifies wine and poetry, but you don't have to look far to see evidence of the real thing. The hills north of town are covered with the neat rows of vineyards that supply Zahle's wine and arak industries.

Zahle is also an important touristic center and a summer resort where you can find numerous hotels, restaurants and cafés, night clubs, cinemas and shopping centers. But the main attraction in Zahle is the Berdawni River, which flows out of Mount Sannine and down through Zahle. Along this branch of the Litani River, there is one open-air restaurant after another known as "casinos", every one more inviting than the next. All are protected from the sun by awnings and leafy trees, while streams, fountains and pools cool the air.Here you can enjoy a typically Lebanese pastime: the long leisurely lunch with the traditional Lebanese mezze which is a variety of more than thirty different Lebanese dishes. To add to the sense of timelessness, delicious mountain bread is baked before your eyes and a man in his folkloric costume is on hand to pour Lebanese coffee. You will eat and drink well in Zahle while taking in the beautiful old architecture and scenery.
On the cliffs above the Berdawni are the restaurants of Kaa el Reem, also known for their excellent food and atmosphere.