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Distribution System

EDZ engineers and technical teams are significantly experienced in the installation, distribution and maintenance of Medium Voltage and Low Voltage (MV/LV) networks and distribution transformer stations.

All operation and maintenance works are carried out entirely by EDZ teams, whom are equipped with all necessary and latest testing tools for electrical works to be carried in conformance with international standards.

EDZ installation methods for medium and low Voltage distribution basically follow the international standards and norms. At EDZ we emphasize on following procedures to limit energy losses and maintain a quality network, some of which are listed below:
  • Installation of surge voltage devices and overhead earth continuity conductors to reduce MV lines outages associated with bad weather conditions.
  • Utilization of the Remote Medium Voltage Lines Fault Indication system to quickly react to any fault condition.
  • Utilization of powerful GIS load flow calculations to assure a voltage drop of less than 4% at the furthest end of any LV network.
  • Utilization of Medium Voltage lines change over technique "bouclage" by installing MV switch gears in critical locations on the network so that any MV line under cutout could be recovered by another line following predetermined procedures.
  • Reduction of the over heating of connections by installing pressure type cable lugs.
  • Decrease of transformer burn outs by installing on every unit:
    • Surges protection devices.
    • Disconnection switches.
    • Drop out fuses at the transformer primary side.
    • Calibrated Thermal and Magnetic circuit breakers at the transformer secondary side with adequate breaking capacity.
  • Monitoring of all MV/LV distribution transformers output by sequentially installing a special apparatus called “Analyzer“ that records minute by minute distribution transformers information such as voltage, current, power factor, max. Volt, max. Amp etc… for later analysis.
  • Reduction of fraud by applying:
    • Monthly calculation of technical energy losses value by using an advanced load flow technique developed on top of our GIS system.
    • Around the clock surveillance of low voltage network.
    • Consecutive on site inspection of meters by the use of a special portable apparatus “Etalon MTE “.
    • Replacement of most LV overhead bare conductors with twisted and isolated type cables (Torsade).
    • Reallocation of all energy meters by installing them at the customers’ residences entrances where they can be easily inspected.
    • Issuing directions to our customers in order to restrain tampering and illegal hook ups to the grid and guiding them to efficiently use power supply.

In addition, One of EDZ main and most important tasks is the term maintenance schedule of all MV/LV networks and transformers distribution transformers.
During the years we were able to achieve fewer incidents of line faults and transformer burning outs by applying recurrent as well as yearly and quarterly scheduled maintenance activities.
EDZ periodically work on organizing and implementing effective accident prevention programs and safety procedures for the electric distribution department personnel as well as utility business and customer services meter field services department personnel.

An employee allocated to this class is responsible for the development and implementation of safety awareness and safety procedures for employees in the covered work units. Work is performed under the general direction of the supervisors who in turn report to the responsible engineers.

EDZ plans, implements, coordinates and adopts safety programs to minimize the frequency of accidents and assure that work locations are inspected for the purpose of discovering and correcting unsafe conditions and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

EDZ utility engineers and field services personnel are trained for emergencies response with the Lebanese Red Cross first aid, CPR and AED programs; for fire prevention and fire fighting with the Lebanese Civil Defense fire protection services; and for the application and correct use of personnel tools and safety equipment on field with the supervision and coordination of specialized European technical experts in electric transmission and distribution networks.
EDZ works hard to prevent power outages, but if one does occur, we want to take every step we can to get the power back on as soon as possible therefore we apply a complete dispatching system that provides for quick and efficient management of outages on the electric distribution network. Allowing to effectively deal with any level of system outage, from the routine transformer outage to emergency storm situations where a significant portion of customers are without power.

EDZ conducts yearly maintenance for distribution networks as preventive action to outage occurrence and clears trees to keep power lines free of limbs and debris.

EDZ operations personnel continually monitor national weather reports so they are prepared for impending storms. This allows EDZ to work on staffing for restoration efforts even before the storm hits. During major storms, EDZ works hard to update the local news media on the overall progress of restoration efforts affecting the area. EDZ issues informational releases to the news media regarding restoration progress during major power outages.

In all outages, we work to restore power as safely and quickly as possible. Outages during storm events are sometimes extended and restoration time can vary according to the volume of the damage. In every storm restoration plan, we implement a basic process. Hazards, such as fallen power lines, are attended to first. Then we work on main lines or circuits that will restore the largest number of customers in the shortest period of time. Finally, secondary power lines and lines that feed service drops to individual homes are repaired.