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GPS Fleet Management

In June 2006, EDZ deployed a Global Positioning System (GPS) for fleet management. The system main objectives are to provide online tracking services over the company’s vehicles and carry out corresponding analysis methods. The system is as well of a great benefit under emergency situations being equipped with panic push buttons, which instantaneously notify an urgent condition.

The system main components are as follows:

  • GPS unit installed in the vehicle equipped with waypoint and panic push buttons.
  • GPS antenna mounted inside the vehicle and used to establish connection between the vehicle’s unit and the satellite for positioning purpose.
  • GPRS antenna mounted as well inside the vehicle and used to establish connection between the vehicle’s unit and the sever station for communication purpose.
  • Desktop application installed at the company’s offices that manages and monitors in real time the status of the vehicles and tasks.
  • Web interface that consists an independent comprehensive internet solution to provide online tracking.
  • High resolution satellite imagery in 2D and 3D views along with streets and reference points data running on a secure environment with a control center for multi-user access.

The GPS unit and its antennas are installed inside the company’s vehicles and powered through their batteries. The unit locates itself with respect to the orbiting satellites to get corresponding position, Longitude and Latitude values. The unit communicates with the server station through GSM SIM card (GPRS) transmission mode to send information packets every 10 seconds when the vehicle is moving. The information is instantaneously received on the server station and the vehicles are then positioned on the digital maps. The information is as well stored in a database to issue later different charting and tabulated reports.

The system is of great benefit when carrying on maneuver works, where all the vehicles are easily located without the need of any other communication technique.

The panic buttons introduce an added and important value over the system operation. This button is only used in emergency situations when our crews need to notify an urgent condition, an alarm signal is instantaneously sent to the server station with the precise location of the concerned crew for the engineer in charge to take appropriate actions.

The introduction of the GPS Fleet Management provided EDZ with the following benefits:

  • Online positioning of the company’s vehicles over the concession geographic maps
  • Determine vehicules traveling direction and speed
  • Geographically define multiple labor zones and accordingly assign tasks to the crews.
  • Host waypoints collection approach that enables on demand position recording.
  • Issue visual and tabulated reports on a daily basis showing the route, the distance crossed and over speed records.
  • Apply travel time studies including fuel consumption, mileage follow-up, and car maintenance schedule.
  • Instantaneously notify emergency situations with the introduction of panic push buttons.