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Electricité de Zahle always works on introducing technical improvements to produce and deliver energy more efficiently while maintaining the quality and conforming to international standards.

During the past decade and by utilizing the GIS technology, EDZ has been able to reduce the over all technical and non-technical losses for both MV and LV lines from 25% to less than 5% of the total energy, which is the lowest in Lebanon and the surrounding countries.

EDZ engineers and technical teams insure a 24hrs/24 and 7days/week presence for outages management and trouble call services.
Distribution System
EDZ engineers and technical teams are significantly experienced in the installation, distribution and maintenance of Medium Voltage and Low Voltage (MV/LV) networks and distribution transformer stations.
GIS Implementation
In June 1999, EDZ launched the implementation of an Automated Mapping/Facility Management/Geographic Information Systems (AM/FM/GIS) project.
Network Remote Monitoring
The Remote Medium Voltage Lines Fault Indication and Status Monitoring System is a system completely designed, developed and implemented by EDZ.
GPS Fleet Management
In June 2006, EDZ deployed a Global Positioning System (GPS) for fleet management. The system main objectives are to provide online tracking services over the company’s vehicles and carry out corresponding analysis methods.
Smart Metering
The purpose of smart meters is straightforward - to match consumption with generation. Traditional electricity meters only tell you how much energy you have used. However, by contrast, smart meters give you information on how and when the energy was used.
Electricity Prepayment
The concept behind prepayment meters is simple - instead of paying after you have used your electricity, you pay before you use it.
Net Metering System
Net metering is a billing mechanism that credits renewable energy owners for the electricity they inject on the distribution grid,