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Our Partnership with the CCF

Higher Education Scholarship Award
In association with the Centre Culturel Français (CCF) in Zahlé, Electricité de Zahlé came up with and adopted the idea of donating a higher education scholarship award to a student from Zahlé to pursue higher degrees in France.

The main objective of the scholarship was to allow a student from Zahlé to see dreams once deemed impossible become reality as well as strengthen the Franco-Lebanese relationships. The scholarship was awarded based on two fundamental criteria; economic need and academic achievement. The applications were selected at the discretion of a committee elected by the French embassy in Lebanon.

150 Regards Pour un Cinquantenaire
For its 50th anniversary in Zahlé, the CCF issued a special publication of the book “150 Regards Pour un Cinquantenaire” to document almost 150 privileged roles in the history of the cultural center for the women or men, young or younger, Lebanese or French, humble or famous who have been actors and witnesses of this adventure.

EDZ sponsored the creation of this book which portrays a collective realization as a symbol to the mutual wealth that unifies the city of Zahlé and its French Cultural Center from 50 years and which is as well a gate to more common projects and everlasting friendship.