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Our Support to Tourism

Zahlé the central city of Lebanon Beqaa district, also known as “Arouss El-Beqaa” (the bride of the Beqaa) is an active tourist, cultural and commercial center; noted for its healthy and good food.

EDZ serves the city of Zahlé and surrounding regions since the beginnings of the 1920s and to be part of the touristic figure of Zahlé, Assaad Nakad sponsored the work of a local young painter, Carole Chaker, who was fighting to put her talent in the service of the Lebanese villages. Thus and with the contribution of two other sponsors as well as the support of the municipality, the first project was realized in Zahlé on a long 500 meter cement wall.

Carole Chaker painted a nostalgic fresco where relived gardens, traditional portals, arcade homes in the middle of vineyards, along with bloomed balustrades, jars of olive oil, red roofs, sculpted wooden doors and wrought iron fences. A trompe-l’oeil which awakens the souvenirs and touches the sensitivity of the viewer.