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To request an electric service from EDZ, you need to complete and sign a standard service application form and provide the following papers:
  • A copy of the construction completion certificate approved by the municipality, if your building was constructed before March 1964.
  • A copy of the occupancy permits, if your building was constructed after March 1964.

It is favorable you provide the above listed documents but in case you lack both certifications, a copy of one of the following documents can also be accepted:
  • Parcel or building ownership papers.
  • Building rent certificate.
  • Construction permits in case you were applying for a "construction subscription".

Refer to Subscriptions Ratings and Fees file for a complete list of available service ratings.

Note that the existence of or the inability to verify payment of a past due amount could result in denial of service.
As a customer to Electricité de Zahlé, you have the right to obtain information about the rates you are charged and the different regulations that manage the services available to you.
Note that all the charges and rules applied by EDZ are regulated by the Lebanese Ministry of Power.

Rates Information
EDZ tariffs structures depend on the voltage level, whether low voltage i.e. 220 V or medium voltage i.e. 15 KV, you are supplied and on your subscription usage type, whether residential, industrial, agricultural, etc… as well.
To view all tariffs information click on the appropriate link you choose below. Please note that the files are in Portable Document Format (PDF) and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Electricity Tariff Structure